28/16 Baseball Bats for 7 & 8 Year Olds | 28 Inch 16 Ounce Youth Baseball Bats

28 Inch 16 Ounce Baseball Bats – Youth Baseball Bats

When youth baseball players come out of tee ball they need a new youth baseball bat. With so many choices out there how does one know what to spend and which youth baseball bat to buy? The are demarini baseball bats, Louisville Slugger TPX baseball bats, Easton baseball bats, and many more. Some are at very expensive price tags considering you do not even know if your child will be able to hit with that particular youth baseball bat.

After years of experimenting and thousands of dollars spent on youth baseball bats, we feel the best size to start with is 28 inch 16 ounce youth baseball bat. Of course every child will be different let your youth baseball player swing the bat(make sure no one is clos) You are wanting to make sure he can hold the bat up and swing it comfortably without losing balance. Ideally, you want the heaviest bat you can swing correctly without sacrificing bat speed.