Choose a youth baseball bat | How to pick the best youth baseball bat

You want to choose a youth baseball bat that is the right size, right weight, and the right length for maximum performance. The improvements over the past few years have given us a great many options in how to choose a youth baseball bat, we just have to do a little research to help us choose the best youth baseball bat. Almost all youth baseball leagues allow aluminum or composite baseball bats. There are some wood bat leagues and the choices are different. For the purposes of this article we will describe the process on how to choose the proper aluminum or metal alloy youth baseball bat. Here are a few tips to aid in your decision when choosing a youth baseball bat.  There are many factors, the most important factor is  the feel of the bat to the player.

Best Prices on Youth Baseball Bats
Weight – The weight of the bat is very important. Too many times youth baseball players have bats that are too heavy for them to swing properly. Light bats help develop quick swings, but as a general rule we want the heaviest bat we can swing properly (that means not lose balance when swinging, or unable to hold the bat head up properly).

Length – The weight and length of the bat go together to provide maximum hitting power. A longer bat may allow you to reach farther and hit balls on the other side of the plate, but it will also generally add weight to the bat, thus slowing the swing down resulting in weaker hits. To determine the proper length and weight you will need to swing several bats and find the one best for you. There is also a handy bat size chart at to give you a great starting point to choose a youth baseball bat.

Diameter – This is how many inches the bat is around. Youth baseball players should use a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter. This is the allowed size in Little League Baseball and Dixie Youth Baseball. Keep in mind though some select leagues (travel ball) do allow big barrel youth baseball bats. These are 2 ¾’ barrels. High School baseball players are limited to a maximum of 2 5/8″

Drop – If you look at youth baseball bats they will have a -7 or some other number on them. This is a simple mathematical calculation. Length minus weight. Example, A 30 inch bat that weighs 27 ounces has a -3 drop. If you feel the need for a bigger bat but less weight, today’s
technological improvements allow for that in ways never before imagined. But cost comes with that. Keep in mind your budget when choosing a youth baseball bat.

Feel – Probably the most important factor, you can have the exact same size bats by different manufacturers but they will have different feel to them when hitting the ball. The bat is an extension of the hands and will be spending a lot of time with it , so it should feel right when hitting the ball.Your decision to choose a youth baseball bat is important.

These are guidelines for how to choose a youth baseball bat. Once you have the best youth baseball bat for you or your child we need to learn to be comfortable and confident. That comes from only one thing..practice. See for youth baseball hitting tips and drills so you can be ready when at the plate.