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youth baseball bat hitting drillsCoachMc writes “Everyone loves big hits and getting on base in youth baseball.  You need more than just the right baseball bat though. You need to hit the baseball hard. Here are some tips from Coach Brockoff to help your youth baseball player be a better hitter.I’ve studied hitters during practice practices (BP) for years and come to the same conclusion each time. Hitters who take every pitch in this manner get pops, chops, and routine ground balls with every pitch. In fact, the going rate of hard hits is three or four out of ten.

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Try proven hitting drills, which will help players hit the ball hard with super contact every time. Power drills used in batting practices will train hitters to hit each ball well, making practices more meaningful. Hitters will concentrate more on hitting the balls hard and sharply, rather than hitting everything deep. As you see below, this method is proven by improved batting averages.

  • Efficiency at least 80%: batting average over.400
  • Efficiency at least 70-80%: mid.300 batting average
  • Efficiency less than 70%: .280-.300 batting average

With these batting drills, they look forward to the challenge of getting better each time.

EXTRA TIP — Is ‘Stride’ Important?

What causes a player to sacrifice power when hitting? Several reasons:

  1. Hitting for power has always been associated with the big strong player. But our research reveals that it’s not so much the size of the player, but rather the strength of his hands.
  2. Many young players are taught to just “meet the ball” rather than hitting through the ball.
  3. And some hitters let go of the top hand too soon, resulting in a less-than-powerful performance at the plate.
  4. Lastly, many players are taught to place their hands out over the plate on contact. Sometimes this is a result of being taught incorrectly to get extension over the plate.

My Solution:
This proven method for how to hit a baseball will increase batting speed and power by up to 30-40% if used correctly. Here’s all it takes:

  1. Strong, quick hands, quick hips, and an agile body
  2. Hands out front on contact
  3. Hitting through the ball
  4. Controlled aggression

To achieve maximum hitting force and greatest distance, both large and small players must learn to develop a quick pivot and quick hands while in the stroke. Power hitters have learned to use hips first, and hands last, with a powerful snapping action. Getting the hands out in front of the body to contact with the ball, with the top hand over the bat, and the bottom hand under that bat, converts a mediocre hit into something like a hammer hitting a nail with full force. This type of “controlled aggression” while still maintaining balance, will finish the stroke with both hands, allowing the batter to hit through the ball with maximum strength. It’s important to remember not to let the top hand go too soon.

Extension does not occur on contact, but rather after contact. When hitters try to extend on contact, it is like sawing wood, using too much arms and shoulders. This method will not power the ball. In order to learn how to hit for power in baseball the hitter has to get his hands out in front of the body to contact the ball, with the top hand over the bat, and the bottom hand under the bat. The top hand is then like a hammer on contact. Tip: Hitting is controlled aggression, while maintaining balance and control.



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